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Meet Scott Kilgore

Scott Kilgore is a Conservative Republican running in the 2018 election for State Representative of District 102. Raised in Mansfield, Texas, Scott spent his childhood and young adulthood outdoors, falling in love with Texas and all its natural beauty. From a young age, the Lone Star State instilled Texan pride and values in both heart and spirit.

Scott Kilgore knows first hand what hard work and dedication is. For years he’s worked tirelessly in various blue collar jobs in the oil field, on the railroad, and climbing cell/radio towers. He’s one of the many industrious men and women that make up the backbone of our state and our nation.

Scott studied for some time at Tarrant County College and Dallas Baptist University, however, he found a passion that would take him away from the classroom and place him overseas. Joining missionaries in South Korea, he got the opportunity to help North Korean refugees who fled the communist regime to the north. His love for serving others remains Scott’s number one passion and it’s how he aims to serve Texas.

As State Representative, Scott hopes to further uphold Texas core beliefs of Christianity, family, and freedom - values that are integral to himself and the hearts of many Texans. Scott desires to aid in leading the conservative movement in Texas alongside other strong, conservative Representatives. It is his goal to strive for a healthier Texas legislature, provide more votes for the good bills Texan citizens need, and stop bad legislation from becoming law.

Armed with pro-life, pro-God, and pro-constitutional rights, Scott KIlgore is the best choice for District 102, and the best choice for a growing, conservative Texas.


Scott lives in Dallas with his wife Kaitlin.

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
— Benjamin Franklin