For State Representative





Illegal Immigration

There are laws in place that we must abide by for the safety and protection of our citizens. Enforcing the laws that secure the border and end sanctuary cities ultimately protect Texans. Ending illegal immigration and free riding along with promoting legal immigration and successful integration is key.



Life begins at conception. Defunding abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood and abolishing abortion is something I am dedicated towards. Human rights belong to everyone from fetus to senior citizen. Once you lose respect for life, society begins to crumble. Encourage adoptions by making the process smoother and more affordable!


2nd Amendment

Guns don’t kill people, people kill people and I believe in arming the citizens against the people who would do others harm. Texas and guns go hand in hand. Trying to take away our guns violates our right to protecting ourselves and others from fellow citizens as well as from tyrannical forces. Guard others, guard yourselves, guard your property


Spending Reform

Reallocating spending is crucial to a truly thriving Texas. Our forefathers fought to get away from an overbearing government partially because they were over taxing. We mustn’t let history repeat itself. Cut spending. Cut taxes. Stop throwing people out of house, home, and job. Stop the ever growing reach of big government.



Over regulation and taxation do more to hurt our state’s economy than anything else. The free market needs to have the ability to create new jobs without the government micromanaging. Every new regulation on businesses and citizens makes any process more expensive and less efficient. The overreach of the government has gone too far and is now slowing down the progress companies are making to create new technologies or more efficient services. Innovations that make Texan lives better must be allowed to grow. 


Tax Relief

Government greed and careless spending has caused the tax burden on the people to continue to grow. It has now become a burden too big to bear and our children will be paying the price for our government's poor use of tax dollars. Part of what will fix the problem is reducing the amount of money the government has access to, forcing it to control its spending. I'm open to many different tax reform propositions that will take the burden off of the tax payers that are our hardworking family, friends, and neighbors. The people work hard for their money and the government shouldn't be entitled to all the fruits of that labor.